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Irish Female Dog Names: A Treasure Trove of Irish Names

Choosing the right name for your dog can be challenging. 

It is important to find one that will work well with their personality and in many cases their appearance as well. 

Irish dog names are a popular choice. They are unique sounds and steeped in folklore, legends and mythology.

In this article, we will give you lots of inspiration for Irish female dog names and meanings. 

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Choosing the Right Dog Name

Irish Terrier walking in the park
Picking a dog name is not necessarily a walk in the park! (Photo: otsphoto via Shutterstock)

A good, solid name can help to form the basis of structure in the dog’s daily life. 

When you decide on a dog’s name, it is crucial to remember that this name will be the one it goes for the rest of its life. 

It is definitely worth devoting some time and consideration into selecting a name that will be suitable. 

Meaningful names can help to strengthen the bonds between the owner and the dog. 

It is a good idea to have an easily recognizable name, that the dog will recognise and respond to under all circumstances. 

(This is an important consideration when it comes to dog training as well.)

Owners often wish to highlight certain character traits or the personality of their dog with their chosen dog name. 

Depending on the breed of dog and its overall appearance, certain names are more suitable than others. 

A black haired dog is not usually called a name that is connected with a lighter, fairer hair color. 

Opting for an Irish dog name for an Irish dog breed is very appropriate. 

In total there are 9 recognised Dog Breeds from Ireland. (Plus the adorable Irish Doodle!)

These vary from the well known to the hardy known breeds dogs owners hardly know. 

Unless you are deliberately trying to be funny, naming your tiny poodle “Wolf”might not be very fitting!

It is also useful to pick a unique name that distinguishes the dog from others. This can make your life easier when interacting with your canine friend in public. 

The Charm of Irish Names for Dogs

Irish Doodle Puppy looking at the camera.
Irish dog names can have a charming ring to them. (Photo: Joca de Jong via Shutterstock)

Irish dog names have a unique, beautiful sound to them. 

This is because many of them originate from the Irish language or have older roots in Ireland’s ancient Celtic past.

It might take some practice initially to learn how to pronounce Irish names, but it is easy once you learn how. 

Many different types of tutorials are available to help you perfect your pronunciation. 

These traditional Irish names have a long history. 

Some names can be found scattered throughout Irish folklore. Others hail from the diverse range of Irish myths and legends. 

These Celtic female dog names and meanings can hold a special significance for dog owners who have a connection with Ireland.

By giving a dog an Irish name, it is a way to honor the country’s rich cultural heritage. 

It will also give the dog a distinguishing name that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Unique Aspects of Irish Names for Girl Dogs

Irish names for female dogs stand out from the pack of generic dog names. This is what makes them so alluring! 

The linguistic roots of many names can be traced back to their Gaelic and Celtic origins adding freshness and vibrancy to the monikers.

This is true whether you are looking for a gentle feminine name or one that is associated with one of the legendary heroines of Ireland.

Meaningful Irish dog names can also sound very melodic. 

By matching a fitting name with your dog personality, you can aptly describe their character in a completely different way.

Dog walking in Ireland.
Dog walking in Ireland. (Photo: shawnwil23 via Shutterstock)

Ireland’s landscape and its unique range of flora and fauna are treasured part of Ireland’s culture and history. 

The people in Ireland have had a close connection with nature millenia. 

The age old traditions of celebrating the changing seasons is an example of this. 

For instance, Imbolc marks the beginning of spring, while Beltane is the festival held at the start of the summer. 

It is therefore not surprising that some names from Ireland are inspired by the landscapes found in the Emerald Isle.

Dog owners often like to get out and about in nature. This tie with the land is another popular factor that makes Irish dog names so well liked. 

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Bonus Tip: It is interesting to see many websites list names as “Irish”, when their origins are definitely not. 

Make sure you do your own research if you want to be certain that the Irish name for your pup is authentic!

Female Dog Names as Gaeilge (in Irish)

If you are opting for an original Irish spelling for your new pet’s name, keep in mind that some letters do not exist in the Irish language.

They are the letters: j, k, q, v, w, x, y & z

Popular Irish Dog Names for Female Dogs

Here are some superb ideas for Irish girl dog names!

Pronounced: key-ra

The meaning of Ciara is “dark haired”. 

This is a good choice if you wish to have a delightful name that reflects your dog’s dark haired appearance. 

Pronounced: tar-a

The Hill of Tara was at one time an incredibly important location in Ireland both spiritually and in terms of political importance.

Pronounced: neeve

This Irish name is a great option for a dog that radiates energy. 

“Brightness” and “radiance” are usually the most common meanings for this name. 

Pronounced: or-la

Light or fair haired dogs with a bit of an attitude might be suited to this name, which is the Irish form for “golden princess”. 

A female Irish Red and White Setter.
A female Irish Red and White Setter. (Photo: L. Nagy via Shutterstock)

Pronounced: Eth-na

This name roughly translates to “kernel”. 

Consider this option if your canine friend thrives on the spotlight!

Pronounced: fin-noo-lah

Fionnuala means “white shoulder” in English. 

Fionnuala was the eldest of Lir’s children in the famous legend. When she and brothers were turned into swans, she acted as their carer and protector. 

Pronounced: deer-druh

In Irish mythology, Deirdre played a heroic role, although a tragic one. Sadness seems to follow her name. 

Pronounced: Nessa

Nessa was the astute wife of the King of Ulster. She was powerful and ambitious, particularly when it came to her children.  

Pronounced: ee-fuh

Aoife is a popular Irish name meaning “radiance” and “beauty”. The Children of Lir’s stepmother in the Children of Lir is also called Aoife. 

Pronounced: ash-ling

This name means “dream” or “vision” in English and is sometimes used to refer to Ireland in poetry. 

For some more inspiration, check out our cool Irish Dog Names guide.

Female Irish Mythology Dog Names

Irish Wolfhounds often feature in Celtic mythology. (Photo: 84kamila via Shutterstock)

These Celtic dog names are steeped in meaning and history. 

For those of you who have dogs with formidable personalities, these strong female dog names are certainly worth checking out. 

Before deciding on one of these female goddess dog names, make sure that you discover about the famous deities behind them. 


Danu is the Celtic Goddess Mother Figure known for her wisdom and connection with water.


The Celtic Goddess Anu is strongly connected with Danu and may possibly be the same Goddess.


The Irish Goddess of Love, Summer and Wealth is Áine. She was thought to possess the ability to transform herself into a horse. 


Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of healing. She is also deeply connected with fertility, poetry and spring. 

Fire and water are the elements associated with her. 


Boann is the Celtic Goddess of the River Boyne. 


Sínann is the River Goddess of the longest river in Ireland, the Shannon. 


The Morrigan is the Celtic Goddess for Death, among other things. She is a complex deity, and often spoken of as a triple deity. 


Queen Medhb was a formidable warrior queen from Ireland that features in Irish mythology.  Her name is thought to mean “the one who intoxicates”. 

You can learn more about the individual Celtic Goddess in our guide to the Names of Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Irish Female Names Inspired by Nature

A border collie sheepdog holding a rose.
A border collie sheepdog holding a rose. (Photo: Julia Zavalishina via Shutterstock)


Meaning “Flower”


Meaning “Little Flower”

This might suit your dog perfectly, if you are looking for small female dog names. 


Meaning “Daisy”


Meaning “Of the Sea”


Meaning “Lightening”


Meaning “Rock”


Meaning “Oak Tree” and connected with the Tree of Life from Celtic tradition. This name can also be used for males.

Names Inspired by Famous Irish Women

If you are looking for some dog names inspired by some remarkable women from Ireland, this list might be what you are looking for. 


Gráinne O’Malley, or Grainne Mhaol, was a legendary pirate queen who ruled the high seas along the West Coast of Ireland

Known for her courage and strength, as well as unorthodox manner she had quite a reputation!

She is also referred to as Grace O’Malley.

James Barry

This name might stand out on the list of women, but it is worth a mention for the remarkable tale. 

This remarkable woman started her life as Margaret Ann Bulkley in 1789. 

She became a progressive doctor in the British Army during the early 19th century at a time when women were not allowed to do so. 

This was made possible as she reinvented herself James Barry and used this guise for the rest of her quite remarkable life. 


Sinéad is the first name of the late Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor.

Irish Setter Puppies
Irish Setter Puppies (Photo: Glenkar via Shutterstock)


Enya is another Irish singer-songwriter. Enya is the pronunciation of Eithne in her local dialect in County Donegal. 


Saoirse Ronan is known for her roles in several different films and has a number of Oscar nominations.

Traditional Irish Female Dog Names

It has become more popular to give dogs names that are usually associated with humans.

Some of the traditional names used for female dogs in Ireland were not always so rooted in this tradition of Irish gaelic dog names. 

This is a list of classic dog names Irish people often call their dogs. 

(Note: they are not typically Irish in origin.) 

  • Shadow
  • Bonnie
  • Snowy
  • Sandy
  • Rustie
  • Cailín (Coleen) This name means “girl” in Irish.

Unique and Uncommon Irish Female Dog Names

In this list, you will discover some of the less frequently used dog names. 

These creative Irish dog names are really beautiful and worth considering if you want something special. 


Meaning “elf”, “spirit” or “changeling” 


Meaning “daughter of a poet” 


Diminutive form of Fionnuala. Meaning “Fair Shoulder”

Pronounced: ser-lah

Meaning “Noble Princess”.

Pronounced: “sive” and rhythms with “hive”

Meaning “goodness”


Clíodhna is a queen in Irish mythology and may have ruled over the fairy folk. 

An Irish Setter (Photo: Kseniia Kolesnik via Shutterstock)
An Irish Setter (Photo: Kseniia Kolesnik via Shutterstock)


Meaning “Little Gem” or “Little Jewel”


Meaning “Gray”

You might be able to find some more interesting monikers on the Irish Central Statistic Office Website.

Irish Place Names for Female Dogs

Place names as dog names are typically more gender neutral. 

If you have a special connection to a particular place, town, city or beach in Ireland, it might serve as the perfect name for your dog.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Kerry
  • Clare
  • Adare
  • Malin
  • Mizen
  • Shannon
  • Lee
  • Ennis
  • Clara
  • Bluebell
  • Fay
  • Doolin
  • Aran
  • Tully
  • Rush
  • Blarney
  • Birr
  • Mallow
  • Dingle

Aerial view of Ireland. (Image: Anton Balazh via Shutterstock)

These names are alternative names for Ireland:

  • Banba
  • Erin
  • Eire
  • Hibernia

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Irish Female Dog Name

Remember that finding the right name for your little puppy might take a bit of time. 

It is good to reflect over a name for a while before ultimately deciding to go for it. 

This will also allow you to get to know your new dog a little more. 

Plus another advantage is that you will have a better idea of what names will suit their personality. 

Get some help and inspiration for the decision-making process from friends, family and fellow dog owners. They may have some great suggestions for good female dog names.

Consider your dog’s personality

Does your dog have a lively character? Do they enjoy being the center of attention? 

Perhaps your dog is more gentle in nature and likes to spend most of the time on the couch at home.  

All these are considerations to keep in mind when in the process of picking out a name for your female dog. 

It is not always possible to tell these character traits when the dog is still a puppy. 

However a good and experienced dog breeder will be able to give you at least an indication of the dog’s character. 

(Always opt to buy from a reputable dog breeder and be prepared to ask plenty of questions about the health and parentage before you purchase a dog!)

Irish Red and White Setter
Irish Red and White Setter (Photo: rebeccaashworthearle via Shutterstock)

Does the meaning of the name suit the dog?

Some names appeal to us more than others. It might be how they sound, their origin or an association we have. 

If you are selecting a name with a particular meaning, does it suit your dog? 

Some of the best female dog names from Ireland have strong meanings associated with them

Are you happy to use a name that may or may not align with your dog’s main traits and personality?

Practice pronunciation

Some names look great when they are written down, but are tricky to pronounce. 

Can you easily get your tongue around the pronunciation of the Irish name in question? 

You need to be sure that you can. It won’t be fun if you have a dog on the loose and you are stumbling over its name as you try to get it to come back to you!

Will other people who have regular contact with your dog also be able to pronounce it? 

This point is definitely worth taking some time to consider. When it doubt, test it out and get a second opinion from family and friends. 

Test the name out loud

As with any name, it is best to say it out loud a few times to get a good feel for it. 

Does the sound of the name suit? Is it too harsh sounding? Does it sound like a good name for a dog?

Irish Puppy Names and Nicknames 

Irish Doodle Puppy
Irish Doodle Puppy (Photo: forever pictures via Shutterstock)

A short name with one or two syllables is often best.  If the name is any longer, it might tend to get shortened. 

Think of what the shortened nickname might be? Are you still happy with it? Does it sound cute?

Make sure that the dog’s name or nickname are very different from the main commands that the dog will learn. 

Irish Pet Names

Irish pet names can be a great way to share some Irish culture and make sure your pets have unique names. 

If we missed one of your favorite Irish names for pets, please let us know. 

Don’t forget to check out or guide to Irish Male Dog Names for some more dog name ideas as well. 

We also have some thoughtful inspiration for Irish Cat Names too, if you would like some more help on this topic!

Please note that this article is only for general information purposes about the dog breeds and should not be used as a substitute for health, medical, dog nutrition and pet care advice from veterinary specialists.