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Irish Pet Names with a Celtic Flair from the Emerald Isle

Congratulations, you have a wonderful new pet in your life. 

Now comes the fun part, trying to find a name to suit the personality and character of your new companion. 

There are so many different possibilities to choose from so it is difficult to find just one

We like authentic, meaningful names that help give pets a unique identity.

Irish pet names have rich history and are deeply interwoven with Irish culture and heritage. They also sound melodic and distinctive, which is why we love them. 

So regardless of whether you are looking for a fabulous Irish dog name or one for a more exotic pet, you will find inspiration here. 

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Good Pet Names 

A loveable border collie with a rose.
A lovable border collie with a rose. (Photo: Julia Zavalishina via Shutterstock)

Good pet names stand out from the crowd. 

They are memorable and unique, they also fit well with the character and personality of your pet. 

It takes time to get to know a new pup, kitten, horse, frog or whatever type of pet you have. 

Personality quirks can sometimes take a little time to show themselves. 

If you want to reflect your pet’s unique character in its name, then don’t rush into naming one too quickly. 

Instead, take some time to shop around a little. 

It is probably only when you really observe and get to know how your pet is that you will hit upon the right name. 

Striking appearances can also be a way to name a pet. 

This can also be a good starting point if you want a name for your pet that reflects and honors this trait. 

Other pet owners want their pet’s name to have a meaningful connection to something or somewhere that is close to their heart. 

This can help to enhance the bonds between the pet and its owner even further. 

Irish Names for Pets

There are several compelling reasons to consider Irish names when you search for the perfect pet name.

These apply whether you are looking for Irish names for dogs or cats or more exotic creatures.

Irish Names with Meaning

Irish names are well known for the rich meanings associated with them. 

These meanings have been connected with names for centuries in some cases. 

Ireland has a long standing tradition of storytelling. 

Some of the origins of these meanings can be traced back to exciting Irish myths, legends and folklore

Tales of strong male and female characters and heroic deeds passed the time on long evenings. 

Audiences were captivated by the magic, mysticism and intrigue in these stories of Celtic Gods and Goddess, warriors and battles.

Perhaps you too will be captivated by one of the names in these ancient stories for your new pet!

Irish Names Inspired by Nature

An Irish Terrier playing in leaves.
An Irish Terrier playing in leaves. (Photo: otsphoto via Shutterstock)

The landscape that framed these legends also provided inspiration for some of the names. 

Some of the meaning of Irish names can be sourced from their origins in nature and natural imagery. 

The Unique Sound of Irish Names

If you are not used to hearing the Irish language, Irish names might sound very unusual at first. 

They are very distinctive, but they might also prove a little bit of a tongue twister to pronounce as well. 

Once you get to know how to master the pronunciation, the gentle and melodious names are very easy to listen to. 

Meaningful Irish Names

Pronounced: ro-nawn

Is your pet a lover of water? Then choosing a water related name makes sense. 

Rónán means “little seal” and is cute, as well as a meaningful male dog name.

(The name Murphy, which can be translated as “sea warrior” is another option for pets with an affinity for water.)

Pronounced: aim-on

Is your pet a protector or guardian? Then Eamonn, which means these things, could be a good name to go for for a male dog.

Pronounced: cool-in

This is the name of a type of melody, so if your pet is a musical or noisy one. Perhaps this might work? 

The name originally comes from the hairstyle of the old Irish chieftains, who wore their hair long.

Pronounced: or-la

Some translations suggest that this name means “golden princess”. 

For golden colored pets, especially ones who think themselves to be a little high and mighty, Orla is a great option.

Pronounced: ash-ling

Some pets are undoubtedly more active than others. 

For those female pets with a more laid back attitude to life, who enjoy nothing more than daydreaming the day away, Aisling is a good choice. 

Aisling means “dream” or “vision” in Irish.

Cute tabby kitten in yellow flowers.
Cute tabby kitten in yellow flowers. (Photo: ots-photo via Depositphotos)

Pronounced: air-in

If you want your pet to have a connection with Ireland, why not consider a variant on the name for Ireland? 

Erin comes from Eireann, which means Ireland in Irish. 

Other names for Ireland include Banba and Hibernia as well. 

Creative Irish Pet names

When it comes to creative pet names, the list can be endless. 

When it comes to creative Irish names, you can get some inspiration from Irish symbols and products, as well as place names. 

They are nearly all gender neutral, as well which is an added bonus!

Irish Symbols as Pet Names

A young rabbit with a flower.
A young rabbit with a flower. (Photo: UNIKYLUCKK via Shutterstock)

This is just a short list of some of the things Ireland is famous for. If you want a more in depth list with bonus information, then you can read about the Symbols of Ireland

  • Harp
  • Fiddle
  • Shamrock
  • Clover
  • Leprechaun

Irish Liquor as Pet Names

Do you have a favorite Irish drink? Does your pet’s coloring match one of the famous Irish stouts or ales?

They are certainly worth considering if you are looking for a white, black and white, red or brown colored pet!

  • Bailey
  • Guinness
  • Murphy
  • Beamish
  • Tullamore
  • Jameson
  • Whiskey
  • Irish Coffee

Irish Place Names as Pet Names

If you fell in love with somewhere in Ireland, you might like to use this name for your new pet.

This list includes some of the most well known areas in Ireland.

  • Dublin
  • Kerry
  • Galway
  • Clare
  • Blarney
  • Killarney
  • Shannon

Unusual Irish Place Names as Pet Names

Perhaps you might like to use a more unusal Irish place name. This list includes some of the more humorous names that you will find scattered aroudn the county.

  • Cashel
  • Mallow
  • Cong (This is where the film The Quiet Man was filmed.)
  • Birr
  • Malin (Most northernly point of Ireland)
  • Mizen (Most southernly point of Ireland)

Strong Irish Pet Names

Some of the strong Irish names for pets come from the myths and legends. 

The famous Irish Celtic Gods and Goddesses are a good place to start. 

There are also many tales about the fighting band of warriors known as the Fianna.

Here are some of the best ones:

Lugh – The Celtic God of Justice and Mischief

Pets with a mischievous side, might be appropriately called Lugh!

The Dagda – The King of the Gods

All round talented pets, who have a strong independent streak are good candidates for the name The Dagda. 

Aengus – God of Love, Poetry and Youth

Aengus is the son of The Dagda and skilled in many ways. He is certainly very clever and eloquent.

Apparently he is also able to shapeshift as he was able to transform himself into a swan to be with his lover. 

The Morrigan – The Celtic Goddess of Death

The Morrigan is the Irish Celtic Goddess of death and is usually strongly connected with battles and fertility as well. 

She is sometimes portrayed as a raven and is a very complex deity. 

Danu  – The Mother Goddess

Danu is the Celtic Mother Goddess with strong connections with water

She is also the mother of the Tuatha dé Danann. 

These magical people lived in Ireland according to the legends from long ago.

Brigid – The Goddess of Healing

Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of healing and is strongly connected with fertility and motherhood. 

Fire and light are commonly associated with her, but she is also connected with the healing waters of well. 

Irish Dog Names

Picking the right name for your puppy can be tricky!
Picking the right name for your puppy can be tricky! (Photo: Glenkar via Shutterstock)

For those of you with a new dog, then a dog name from Ireland could be the perfect answer to your pet name search. 

This is especially true if you have one of the nine Irish dog breeds that the country is known for.

By opting for an Irish or Celtic dog name for your pooch, you are connecting the bond as well as honoring Irish and Celtic culture and heritage.

Irish, or Irish Gaelic names for dogs, also help celebrate the Irish language and promote it further.

To keep your dog healthy, good dog nutrition and getting out for regular exercise are essential. 

Many of the energetic breeds dog owners opt for need lots of exercise. It is a good idea to enjoy being out in nature then!

As many Irish dog names are inspired by nature, this might be a nice way to form a strong bond with you, your dog and its surroundings.

One thing to keep in mind before settling on one of the Irish puppy names is that dog names should be clear and easy to pronounce. 

They also should ideally not sound like any commands that the dog will learn as part of their training. 

This includes lots of ideas about meaningful Irish dog names. If you prefer funny Irish dog names, we have some of those in the article too. 

An Irish or Celtic name for dogs also is a great conversation starter. Just be sure that you brush up on your knowledge about the history of the name!

Irish Female Dog Names

Irish Doodle puppy looking at the camera.
Get to know the character of your dog before you settle on a name. (Photo: Joca de Jong via Shutterstock)

Many of the popular Irish names for female dogs are the same as the well known classical girl names used in Ireland

We have delved into the meaning of some of the most popular, as well as unique names in our guide to Irish Female Dog Names and Meanings.

This is a list of some of our top favorite Irish names for girl dogs and their meanings. 

Pronounced: neeve

Does your dog have an endless amount of energy and radiate good cheer? 

Niamh is an Irish name that can be translated as “brightness” or “radiance”.

Pronounced: ee-fuh

Aoife is another name associated with “radiance” and “beauty”. 

In the Children of Lir Legend, Aoife is the stepmother to the children.

Pronounced: key-ra

Pets with dark hair are well suited to the name Ciara. 

The name roughly translates to the “dark haired one”.

Pronounced: shee-fra

The spellbinding tales from Ireland legends include plenty of magic and mystery.  

Síofra means “elf” or “sprite” and is fitting for a lively spirited dog.

Tip: Irish Mythology Female Dog Names

Be sure to check out the Celtic Goddesses for some unusual Irish girl dog names.

These Celtic female dog names and meanings might be just what you are looking for if you are looking for a name of a determined and independent minded female dog.

Irish Male Dog Names

A Kerry Beagle looking at the camera in a garden.
The right name can help you bond with your new pet. (Photo: DannyWalsh via Shutterstock)

Ranging from meaningful to comical, Irish names for male dogs can suit all types of characters, appearance and dog behavior. 

We have created a list of Irish names for boy dogs. This list with name meanings includes the traditional names, Irish Gaelic names for dogs, as well as more unusual ones.  

Irish mythological dog names can be a great source of strong Irish male dog names. 

You could always opt for a Celtic name for your dog based on one of the Celtic Gods. 

Here are some of our top Irish name ideas for male dogs.

Pronounced: bar-ra

For fair haired pets this short and sweet name is a good option. 

The name comes from Fionnbharr or Finnbar and means “Fair Head”.

Pronounced: Da-ra

Lists of Irish boy dog names or girl dog names usually both include Dara (which is sometimes spelled Darragh). 

For animals that show lots of wisdom, this name might be an option. Dara comes from the Irish word for “oak”. 

The oak tree species was very important to the Celts, who saw it as the Tree of Life

Pronounced: ush-een

This name means “little deer” and is perfect for a gentle natured dog. 

Pronounced: shay-mus

If your dog has the habit of giving people a small nip, then perhaps the name Séamus is fitting. It can mean “the one who grabs the heel”. 

This is one of the Irish Gaelic dog names that comes originally from another language. In this case, the root of the name comes from the Hebrew for Jacob. 

Irish Cat Names

A curious little kitten.
A curious little kitten. (Photo: stokkete via Depositphotos)

Cats are another type of pet that are also favored for Irish names. 

There are plenty of characters from Irish mythology and history that are known for their personalities. 

If your cat has an interesting character, then perhaps looking through Irish legends and history might provide you with the perfect name inspiration. 

Does your cat have some interesting cat behaviors that are worth being named after? 

Maybe the cat breeds that you are interested in have a particular type of appearance that is worthy of a name? 

Related Article: Distinctive Irish Cat Names

This article explores many alternatives for Irish pet names for cats. 

Irish female cat names

From kind natured, gentle cats to divas, there is an Irish name to suit your feline friend. 

Pronounced: oo-neh

For cats with a gentle disposition, Úna is a lovely option. This ancient Irish name means “lamb” in English.

Pronounced: no-ra

Nóra is a popular name in the United States. It means “to honor” and can be very appropriate for a loving cat. 

Irish Male Cat Names

A cat dressed for St. Patrick's Day.
A cat suitably dressed for St. Patrick’s Day. (Photo: CaterinaTrimarchi via Depositphotos)

From the adventurous cats that are constantly getting into battles with other felines, to the lazy stay at home cats that rarely budge. 

Our list of names for male cats has a broad variety of names to suit a lot of different types of cat behavior and appearance. 

We also include some interesting information about probably the most famous Irish cat name of all time, Pangur Bán.

Pronounced: sull-ee-van

This surname, which is commonly written as O’Sullivan in Ireland, is a fitting moniker for an observant cat. 

It can mean “hawk-eyed”. Some other suggestions also link it to “one-eyed”. Either way, for cats with distinctive eyes, this name is a clear winner.  

Pronounced: dough-naul

Does your cat feel superior, then perhaps he is the “King of the World”. This is the meaning of the name Dónal. 

Irish Names

A horse grazing near Easky Castle in County Sligo.
A horse grazing near Easky Castle in County Sligo. (Photo: Sean O’ Dwyer via Shutterstock)

This article is just a short introduction to Irish names. We hope that you have been inspired by the meanings and cultural ties to these varied names of Irish origin. 

Discover more interesting Irish Names on our website. If we have forgotten some, drop us a line and be sure to let us know!

For animal lovers, why not learn more about some of Ireland’s great fauna, such as the Birds of Prey and Garden Birds in Ireland. 

Please note that this article is only for general information purposes about the pet names and should not be used as a substitute for pet care advice from veterinary specialists.