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Emer Walker, Editor-in-Chief & Writer

Emer Walker is the Founder and Owner of Emer began in 2017 to help others discover authentic Ireland and its culture. 


Emer enjoying a snowy hike on the Coomloughra Horseshoe Loop Walk in Co. Kerry.
Emer enjoying a snowy hike on the Coomloughra Horseshoe Loop Walk in Co. Kerry. (Photo:

Emer Walker’s journey of exploring Ireland began in her childhood. She originally hails from Cork. Her earliest holidays were spent discovering Ireland’s lesser known highlights with her pet dogs, Rodgy and Rustie.

These excursions were filled with activities that immersed her in Ireland’s rugged beauty. Hail, rain or shine, Emer loves hiking Irish mountains, swimming in the chilly Atlantic Ocean and exploring Ireland’s plant and animal wildlife. Emer is also an experienced mountain guide.

It was through these experiences that her love of Ireland started to grow.

Captivating tales from authentic Irish family folklore triggered her to discover the heart of Irish traditions and culture. 

This exploration helped her gain a deeper understanding of Irish myths, legends, and ancient Irish traditions. 

Emer’s interest in Ireland’s Celtic past began in an art history class, where the beauty of Celtic symbols caught her eye. Learning about the distinct characteristics of Irish Celtic art, known as Insular or Hibernian art, she felt an irresistible pull to explore this topic further.

All these experiences have not only enriched Emer’s understanding and appreciation of Ireland. They have also created a reservoir of knowledge that Emer enjoys sharing with her readers.

Education and Qualifications

Emer working on one of her plant experiements in a greenhouse.
Emer working on one of her plant experiements in a greenhouse. (Photo:

Emer has an extensive background in ecological and environmental sciences, with many years of research experience. She has wide ranging interests in the natural world with particular expertise in the area of plants.

Her qualifications include:

What Emer loves about Ireland

  • The beaches! Ireland has so many amazing beaches to choose from.
  • Hiking mountains with superb views of the coast (Mt. Brandon is her favorite)
  • The friendly relaxed Irish culture that enables you to easily chat to a stranger next to you.

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