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Das Wetter in Irland im Oktober

Ireland in October

Golden leaves and fall colors in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland in fall.
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Photo by Tourism Ireland (photographed by Brian Morrison) via Ireland’s Content Pool

In Ireland weather in October can be a bit mixed and is unlikely to be the month with the best weather in Ireland. However, a vacation in October is definitely still worth considering if you would like to visit Ireland outside of the peak season. 

The colors of Doolough Valley, County Mayo on the Wild Atlantic Way Coastal Route, Ireland.
You can also expereince days like this in October. The colors of Doolough Valley, County Mayo are stunning during fall.
Photo by Christian McLeod via Ireland’s Content Pool

Although the days are starting to get shorter, the daylight hours are longer and the weather considerably better in October than the winter months. It is a great last opportunity to get some of the late fall weather before the grayer weather of winter creeps in. 

It is a great time for a city break too. As well as the usual attractions in Dublin (read our 3-Day Intinerary here), there is also the Bram Stoker Festival which is well worth checking out.

Unusual Sights in Dublin

Many of the tourists from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany have already left, so you can enjoy the benefits of the shoulder season with less crowds, as well as better value flight and accommodation offers. 


Weather in Ireland in October

Temperatures are cooling by this time of year with average temperatures reaching between 7-14 °C (45-57 °F). It is definitely time to layer up and bring some waterproof gear too as the amount of rainfall also increases around this time.

You can still encounter some really lovely sunny days in Ireland during October, but these days are more the exception than the norm. Once you bring the right clothes, and know what to expect, the mixed weather should not bother you too much. 

Temperatures in Ireland in October

As winter starts to approach, the temperature in Ireland in October becomes noticeably cooler, although still quite pleasant outside when you have a jacket. The average temperatures fluctuate around 10 °C (50 °F) across the country with highs of about 14 °C (57 °F). 

DublinCorkGalwayBelfast, Northern Ireland
Average temperature October11 °C
52 °F
8 °C
46 °F
11 °C
52 °F
10 °C
50 °F
Min. and max temperatures October7-14 °C
45-57 °F
8-13 °C
46-55 °F
8-14 °C
46-57 °F
7-13 °C
45-55 °F
Sunrise and sunset October 1st7.27 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.7.35 a.m. - 7.10 p.m.7.38 a.m. - 7.11 p.m.7.26 a.m. - 6.58 p.m.

The days are getting shorter at this time of year, so you can expect it to get dark around 7.00 p.m. at the latest. The clocks are reset by an hour at the end of October, which makes the evenings even shorter.

On crisp days, the low temperature is really refreshing, especially if you can experience the early morning stillness. Check the weather forecast and see if you can plan an early morning outing to experience this lovely fall weather phenomenon during your stay. 

Rain in Ireland in October

A gray day in Ireland with horse racing on the beach.
Don’t let the weather get in the way of your holiday plans. Ireland is an exceptional holiday destination in every kind of weather.

During October, the average rainfall in Ireland tends to increase again, particularly in the west and in coastal areas. Typically, you could expect at least some rain on about half of the days in October.

DublinCorkGalwayBelfast, Northern Ireland
Average Rainfall October79 mm
138 mm
105 mm
94 mm
No. of wet days (> 1.0 mm 0.04″ precipitation)

This of course does vary across the country, with Dublin generally escaping the worst of the rain in comparison to other areas such as Cork and Kerry.

Day trips from Cork

Don’t let this put you off though, the Irish weather is notoriously unpredictable. Bring the right clothes and perhaps even an umbrella (if it is not too windy) and make the most of your trip!

Wind in Ireland in October

As the winter weather approaches, the average wind speed does tend to increase during the months from October to about March. Dublin Airport records an average hourly wind speed of about 22 km per hour (ca. 14 miles an hour) during the month of October.

Keep in mind that wind conditions vary considerably across the country and the location of Dublin on the reasonably sheltered east coast of Ireland is not always reflective of what is happening on the wilder west coast. 

If you are enjoying the elements outside, be aware of strong gusts that can catch you off guard at some of the many scenic locations around the Wild Atlantic Way in western Ireland. Remember to stay back from the edges of cliffs!

Weather in Dublin in October

The Iveagh Gardens in Dublin, Ireland in fall.
The Iveagh Gardens in Dublin is a great park to visit during October.
Photo by Fáilte Ireland via Ireland’s Content Pool

The October weather in Dublin is likely to be mild. Generally, the weather is likely to be a bit wetter than the previous few months and the city can expect to receive about 80 mm (3 „) of rain during the month. The temperature in Dublin in October ranges between about 7-14 °C (45-57 °F).

If you want to experience a Dublin tradition that locals take part in regardless of the weather, then visit the Forty Foot. This natural rocky bathing area is frequented all year round despite the bracing water temperature (in October, the water temperature is about 14 °C or about 57 °F).

When it is dry, don’t forget to stop by one of Dublin’s many parks. They are great sanctuaries to escape to over the entire year, but October, with its colorful leaves is a particularly charming time. 

To get you in the mood for Halloween, stop by the cripts of St. Michan’s Church to visit some really mummies. (Read more about it here)

Is it worth visiting Ireland in October?

A leafy pathway in Mount Stewart, County Down, Northern Ireland.
October can be a particularly beautiful time to visit the island of Ireland as you can see from the colors of Mount Stewart in County Down, Northern Ireland.
Photo by Art Ward for Tourism Ireland via Ireland’s Content Pool

Personally, I would say yes, but it depends largely on the type of holiday you want from your trip to Ireland. If unpredictable weather doesn’t bother you too much, then planning and Ireland travel vacation during October may have some good advantages. 

October is certainly a cheaper time to visit the Emerald Isle in comparison to the peak summer season. For many, this financial consideration makes the compromise with more variable weather worth it.

Encountering less crowds at attractions and the wider selection of hotels is also very favorable at this time of year.

Ashford Castle in County Mayo in fall.
The luxurious Ashford Castle in County Mayo is idyllic in autumn.

The majority of attractions are still opening and usually still operating on their summer schedule opening hours. There are also some great festivals and music events that will tempt you to travel during this time (Dingle Food Festival and the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival for example).

While you might experience glorious crisp autumn days in October, you might also have days of rain.

It is worth keeping this in mind if you are planning on doing a lot of sightseeing, road trips along the Wild Atlantic Way or Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland, visiting national parks or taking part in outdoor activities. The shorter daylight hours might also be more restrictive. 

By October the average daily water temperature in Ireland will have cooled to about 14 °C (57 °F). While the sea temperature is likely to only be marginally warmer in the summer, you really need to be prepared with a wet suit if you plan any kind of water activities like surfing, coasteering or kayaking. 

If you are still unsure about when the best time to visit Ireland is, then our longer post, which you can read here, might be able to help you. We also have other information and travel tips about Ireland in October in another post that you can read here.