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Die schönsten irischen Katzennamen für deine Katze

Finding a cat name to suit your feline friend can be a challenging task, but it should not be a daunting one. 

This is where you will find a wealth of Irish names, filled with meaning and sentiment, to compliment your cat’s own personality. 

(We also have some more pet name inspiration in our guide about Irish names for dogs.)

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The Magic of Irish Cat Names

When naming a new pet, many people try to search for a name that has a particularly special meaning. 

They want something that uniquely reflects the personality of their new pet. 

The names cats receive require careful thought and consideration, if you want to match the cat traits with name meaning. 

Irish names are full of magic and mystery, as well as Irish culture and tradition. This makes them particularly good choices.

Original Sounding Names

Young kitten in grass with clover.
Finding a suitable name for your new kitten can be a challenge! (Photo: stokkete via Depositphotos)

The distinctive sound of Irish names can be especially appealing. 

Some names have a lyrical, harmonious sound which is very pleasing to hear. 

Names from Ireland have their roots in the Irish language. 

These Irish Gaelic cat names might take a bit of getting used to at first as they sound quite different and unusual. 

Connection with Irish Culture and Heritage

Given the ancient origins of many Irish names, it is not surprising that a lot of them are deeply entwined in Irish culture and tradition. 

As you search for the perfect name, you can explore the fascinating tales of the ancient Irish heroes and mythical creatures. 

Discover the personalities of the larger than life Celtic Gods and Goddesses and be captivated by the enchanting folklore. 

Opting for an Irish name for a cat is just one respectful way that people honor their connection with Irish heritage or the country itself. 

Inspired by the Irish Landscape

Ireland is known for its greenery, epic landscapes and romantic ruins. It has captured the hearts and imaginations of those who visit or yearn to return.

Selecting a cat name that reflects Ireland’s natural beauty is a great way to share some Irish charm with your pet.

These names are reflective of the surrounding environment, which has in turn helped to create and shape different parts of Irish Culture. 

An Irish cat name that is inspired by nature is one that is bound to make your feline friend stand out in the most positive way!

Are there any Irish Cat Breeds?

While Ireland has 9 recognized dog breeds, the same cannot be said for Irish cat breeds.

The closest is the Manx cat, which originated on the Isle of Man. 

This breed of domestic cat is known for having no tail, or at most, a very small stubby one. 

You will definitely find suitable Irish names for Manx cats or names for cats with no tail in our extensive list!

Finding The Perfect Cat Name 

A black and white cat dressed up for St. Patrick's Day.
A black and white cat dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day. (Photo: CaterinaTrimarchi via Depositphotos)

Some people like to name a cat based on their personality traits. There are plenty of Irish examples that are well suited to a variety of characters. 

From Aiden, which is a male name and means “little fiery one” to the female name, Caoimhe (pronounced: queev-a) meaning gentle and beautiful.

Appearance is also another factor to consider. 

There are so many unique breeds cat owners can light colored cats are possibly better suited to names like “Finn”, which is often connected with “brightness”.

Pronunciation should also be considered. It doesn’t matter how well suited your cat is to a particular name, it should be easy to say. 

Also keep in mind the other people who will have close contact with your pet. Will they also be able to say the name?

Don’t forget to say the name out loud. 

If you are unsure of how to pronounce an Irish name, then check out one of the many videos online that will help you master it. 

Friends and family can also help you find the right name for your new kitten or cat.   

Irish Cat Names and Meanings

This is where you will discover powerful Irish names that have enchanting stories connected with them. 

We can thank the Irish for pretty much creating these mythical tales of larger than life characters and heroic tales. 

They have been passed down by word of mouth through the generations.

By opting for one of these names, you will ensure your cat’s name is memorable, meaningful and rooted in Irish heritage.

Best Irish Male Cat Names

Some of these names include classic Irish boy names, as well as classic Irish last names. 

Both of which make good monikers for cats. 


A cat relaxing in a field of clover.
A cat relaxing in a field of clover. (Photo: vvvita via Depositphotos)

Saint Patrick is one of the patron saints of Ireland. His name is synonymous with the Emerald Isle. 

It is derived from “nobleman” or “father”. 

If your cat has its birthday around Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), why not go for a variant of Patrick.

Patrick is the English version of the name, while the Irish version is Pádraig. Paddy is one of the short or funny nicknames for Patrick. 


Liam is the Irish version of William, which can be translated as “Protector” or “Guardian”. 


Seán is a well known Irish name. It is the Irish version of the name John. 

One usually translates the name as “God is gracious” or “God’s gift”.


(Pronounced: tieg)

Tadhg means “poet” or “philosopher” and is the perfect moniker for a cat who loves to daydream the hours away. 


If your cat has a strong personality, then perhaps this is a good name choice. The meaning of Dónal can be translated as “King of the World”.

In old Irish, this name is spelled as Domhnall. 


The origins of the name Fiachra can possibly be traced back to the old Irish word for “Raven”. 

An alternative suggestion for the meaning of this name is “battle King”. 


In English, this name can be translated as “Fair” or “Bright”. 

It comes from the fair haired Finn Mac Cool (or Fionn mac Cumhaill) from the Irish legends. 

According to those tales, he was a wise warrior and poet with an interest in nature. 


(Pronounced: sull-ee-van)

In Ireland, the name Sullivan is a surname. It is most commonly written as O’Sullivan. 

For observant cats, this might be a good option as one of the possible meanings of the name is “hawk eyed”.

Best Irish Female Cat Names

A kitten playing with flowers.
A kitten playing with flowers. (Photos: OlgaBartashevich via Shutterstock)

Female Irish cat names can be meaningful as well as melodic. 

Some of these wonderful female Irish names are classic Irish girl names. 

You can get some more ideas about names popular in Ireland via the Irish Central Statistic Website


Pronounced: ash-ling

For cats who enjoy lazing around and spend considerable amounts of their day daydreaming, this is the perfect name. 

Aisling means “dream” or “vision” in Irish.


This popular Irish name comes from Eireann, which is another name for Ireland. What better way to name a female cat?!


Pronounced: shee-fra

For cat owners who enjoy enchanting tales, perhaps Síofra could be a good option for your feline. This name means “elf” or “sprite”.


Pronounced: sore-ka

This is the Irish version of the name Sarah. It means “bright” and “radiant”


Pronounced: no-ra

Nora comes from the meaning “to honor” and is a popular Irish name in the United States. 


Pronounced: oo-neh

This old Irish name means “lamb” and is fitting for a gentle natured cat. 

Unique Irish Cat Names Inspired by Famous Irish People 

For literary fans, why not opt for a name from one of the many Irish writers and poets?

This list is just a very short introduction to get you started!

Male Irish Authors

James Joyce

(Author of Ulysses)

Oscar Wilde

(Irish Poet and Playwright)

Beautiful cat next to white roses.
Beautiful cat next to white roses. (Photo: yuliaisupova via Shutterstock)

Samuel Beckett

(Irish Novelist)

Female Irish Authors

Lady Gregory

(Irish dramatist of the Celtic Revival)

Meave Binchy

(Author of “Circle of Friends”)

Cecelia Ahern 

(Author of “P.S. I love you”)

Cat Names Inspired by Famous Irish Musicians

Irish music has captivated many people around the world. Do you have a favorite Irish musician or band? 

Irish Male Musicians

  • Bono
  • Christy Moore
  • Rory Gallagher

Irish Female Musicians

  • Sinéad O’Connor
  • Dolores O’Riordan
  • Enya

We are also big fans of Thin Lizzy as a quirky cat name!

Celtic Cat Names

Some great inspiration for Celtic names for cats can be found in the names of the Celtic Goddesses and Gods. 

If your feline companion has a bit of a reputation as a warrior cat, then perhaps some of the legendary figures may be a perfect option. 

Celtic Cat Names Female Goddesses

These are some of the most appropriate Celtic Cat Goddess names.


The Celtic Mother Goddess, known as Danu, has strong connections with knowledge and water. 

Danu and the Celtic Goddess Anu are often considered to be one and the same.


Brigid is the Goddess of spring. She is remembered at Imbolc, the Feast to celebrate the beginning of spring. 

Additionally, Brigid is deeply connected with healing and fertility. 

The elements of water and fire are often symbolic of this Goddess. 


Áine is a great name for an affectionate cat as she is the Goddess of Love

Shapeshifting was one of her many abilities. She could change herself into a red mare. 

Perhaps this is one of the good Irish names for orange cats (or ones with reddish fur.)


Cute kitten with a red rose
Cute kitten with a red rose. (Photo: Zharinova Marina via Shutterstock)

Boann is a River Goddess of the River Boyne. 

She is said to have created this river from an overflowing well. 


The Shannon is the longest river in Ireland and it has its own Goddess, known as Sínann. 


The Morrigan is a complex Goddess in Irish mythology. 

She is usually connected with death and battles. 

Sometimes she is described as a phantom queen. 

Celtic Cat Names Male Gods

The Dagda

The Dagda is the King of the Gods and presided over nature, particularly agriculture, the weather and the seasons.


Pronounced: een-guhs

As well as being the son of the Dagda, Aengus is the Celtic God of love and youth.


Most cats don’t like water, but if yours is one that does, perhaps Manannán Mac Lir or simply Manannán is an option. 

Manannán is the Irish God of the sea. 


Lugh is known for his many talents including being the Celtic god of mischief, as well as being the Celtic God of justice. 

He is also associated with trickery and the August harvest festival of Lughnasadh.

Playful, mischievous cats that are always getting into trouble could be called Lugh.

Irish Place Names as Irish Cat Names

Have you ever been to Ireland? Did you fall in love with the landscape or an Irish city? Perhaps it was a small little village that captured your heart. 

If so, why not honor this great memory by naming your cat after this location?

If you have a cat litter to name, naming the kittens after place is a lovely way of keeping the names of these pets connected.

Here are some ideas to get your creative ideas flowing! 

  • Dublin
  • Kerry
  • Clare
  • Shannon
  • Killarney
  • Blarney
  • Doolin

And we also have some of the more entertaining place names that might also take your fancy. 

Funny Irish Cat Place Names to Inspire You!

  • Mallow
  • Birr
  • Knock
  • Dingle
  • Cong
  • Schull

Irish Cat Names Funny and Whimsical

A cat smelling a shamrock.
A cat smelling a shamrock. (Photo: SSilver via Depositphotos)

These funny Irish cat names are likely to draw a smile. 

  • Shamrock
  • Leprechaun
  • Clover
  • Fiddle
  • Harp

Check out some more well known Irish symbols or other things Ireland is known for for some more ideas.

Alcohol-Inspired Cat Names From Ireland

Cat names can also be inspired from famous Irish products, like famous Irish whiskey and Irish stout.

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, many of the following names have worldwide recognition. 

  • Bushmills
  • Bailey
  • Murphy
  • Guinness
  • Whiskey
  • Tullamore
  • Jameson

Cat Names Inspired by Irish Cuisine

These names tend to be gender neutral so they can work as Irish names for male cats, as well as Irish names for female cats. 

  • Soda Bread
  • Boxty (Irish potato pancake)
  • Black Pudding
  • Rashers
  • Colcannon (A mashed potato dish with cabbage)
  • Tayto (A brand of Irish potato chips)

Perhaps you might get some more inspiration in our article about the Irish Breakfast!

Pangur Bán – The Famous 9th Century Cat

Not many cats from the 9th century have become as famous as Pangur Bán

When it comes to famous Irish cat names, this is probably the most famous of all. 

This cat belonged to an anonymous Irish monk who lived in Germany. 

The monk wrote a short poem, entitled “Pangur Bán” in the Reichenau Primer manuscript that he was working on. 

In it, he compares his own work to that of the hunting efforts of the cat. 

While these words may have been a short doodle, they are still relevant today. 

This ancient poem shows the enduring camaraderie that has existed down through the ages between cats and their owners. 

Perhaps Pangur Bán is the perfect name for your new cat! 

Did you know? 

The Irish for cat is cat

Bán in Irish means white, so the name Pangur Bán would not be particularly suitable for a dark colored or black cat!

Irish Names for Cats

We hope that you have found some useful inspiration for your Irish kitten names in this article. 

While many Irish cats may have typical names, there is no reason why your cat can’t have something a little more creative!

If you think we have forgotten any good Irish pet names for cats? Be sure to let us know so we can add them. 

For some more name ideas, you can also check out our Irish names for female dogs and names for male dogs

Please note that this article is only for general information purposes about the cat names and should not be used as a substitute for cat health, cat medical, cat food and pet care advice from veterinary specialists.